Why we need this sh*t.

I’m bored Glasgow. I’m bored of a lot of the shit we are being fed these days. I’m sick of how bloody clever everything is trying to be. Or dumb. Everything is either dumb and meaningless or to clever for ‘meaning’. Well too shit with all of that. What ever happened to rage? What ever happened to pain? What ever happened to bleeding and crying? Stamping and screaming? F**K INTERESTING.

Who cares if a band are interesting? Oh really their re-interpretation of Peruvian drum rhythms on the harp bring a whole new perspective to the study of post-industrialization in northern Turkmenistan? Oh wow! Please let me readjust my sandals so that I can more accurately shuffle and stroke my stupid beard BUNCH OF TWATS I HATE THEM I HATE THEM I HATE THEM JESUS CHRIST!
Jesus giving middle finger

That’s not to say that there is nothing out there. That it’s all the music from Twin Peaks played on vases or abstract soundscapes of gurgling sewage pipes that comment on our disposable culture, or a three hour autobiographical clog tapping performance or whatever. Fine. Fine. Whatever. Fine. Maybe interesting is the highest goal. But maybe we’re all trying so desperate to be interesting because we’ve been automated out of our emotional selves ¬†by a constant stream of bile and crap. Many of our media landscapes can either deliver interest or the shallowest nonsense ice cream soft cell bull sh*t nothingness.



This bile. This bile we pour down the gasping willing throats of our young and vulnerable. We feed them shallow meaningless crap. If you feed a baby cotton candy for all its life it will die. It will starve and crave nutrients, it will open its mouth and its eyes and its heart and beg the world for something that it can live off. And if nothing else is available but cotton candy it will die, it will eat and eat and eat until it is sick and pale and twisted. Then it will push the cotton candy away and cruel to some edge and if its lucky enough to make it there it will pull itself over and let the cold concrete finally end the suffering. If it is unlucky it dies a slow death. A death born of a world that no longer gives a sh*t.

Well here at Bands of Xtreme we give a sh*t.

And we intend to show you.