Re-Doing The Box!

Well, that’s it for now folks! The Box is closing it’s doors for a couple of months for a complete re-do of the place. We are talking a whole lot more than a lick of paint folks. We are after a big change, big, big change. This is real change! Change that exists! NO MORE LIES!


I remember the day he got elected. I sta¬†ed up all night and watched it. I watched the votes pouring in, the people crying with joy, the victory speech. And you know what? I bought it. Hook. Line. Sinker. I believed. The electric seeped through my veins and it felt it good. It felt amazing. For one moment there was a sense of unity and togetherness. We live in a world of such division and alienation that all we can really get is these brief illusions of unity. These moments of consensus that ‘dissolve on contact with air’ (Stewart Lee). Once every four years people (if they are lucky) get to feel like they might actually be part of something. In between such moments we can only really hope for sport, alcohol, drugs, maybe non-alienating sex, and tiny moments on a tiny scale. No wonder we throw ourselves into the arms of anyone who says we are worthy and united. In a world with no world and no unity, an illusion is almost worth investing in.

But that’s not all we’re investing in here at The Box. We’re getting a new pool table! Which is really awesome cool. We’re redoing the whole bar in a white and neon style with a neon clock to match. We’re going to have a new sound system which is going to ROCK YOUR WORLD and we want to rock your world. In fact, it’s our freeking job!

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And box will be back and stronger than ever don’t you worry. We got this!