Keeping Cool In The Box

As our name suggests ‘The Box’ is not the largest of spaces. When the places is a rocking and the floor is full it can feel a little like the ceilings coming down and the walls are slowly moving in. A bit like that bit in Star Wars when Luke and Han and Lea and Cheewie jump down that there garbage shoot to get away from the storm troopers and then they are stuck in there when suddenly Luke gets dragged under the water by some sort of alien squid monster that is somehow in the Death Star. How is that squid monster in the Death Star? I mean, the Death Star was a mass construction project that had many troubles along the way, was partially constructed by enslaved Wookies, and had bits and pieces brought to it from all over the universe. But how did this giant squid get on board? Did it sneak on in a ship or something? How can this thing get on board with such ease when it took a team of Jedi’s and a space cowboy such a lot of effort? What, did the squid pose as a storm trooper? Unless of course it has somehow been there from the point of construction, but it certainly hasn’t been in that particular trash compactor since construction considering the fact that everything inside it is compacted at least once, I assume, every  24 hours.


So yeah, can’t figure that out. But what makes that scene reminiscent of the box on a busy night is less the bit with the trash squid monster  and more the bit when the walls start moving in to crush everybody. Because that’s how it feels. And when it feels like that, it gets hot. 


So on the re-design we just wanted to try a way of cooling the space down with out opening it up any more than necessary. So we settled on getting a few bloody massive Beatson extractor fans fitted along the walls. These things are insane, trust me they are going to work. The key with extractor fans is, as you might imagine, that they are designed to extract. To extract fumes or smells or gases or whatever out of environments that have those things. But what we really want to do is bring cool air in, and that’s something they can also do if you just switch them round. standard_industrial_wall_extractor_fan

Also they look pretty bloody cool. It’s awesome man, and know when everyone is rammed in we keep the atmosphere and all those things but we don’t have people passing out from the heat. Result!