Get to Glasgow


People need to get to Glasgow. Glasgow needs people! I mean, it is not like we are low on people here, we have a lot of people, and some of them don’t suck! We have people who want to get fucked up and scream and people who want to burn down the club and smash their way home and that is all great. We have people who want to make something new and fiery and bold and dangerous. We have people who have something to say and are absolutely determined to say it. We have people with new voices and new sounds, with new things to scream and yell and a new way to scream and yell those things. And that is great. We have got punks. We have got rockers. We have got goths and emo’s. We have chavs and nutters and ravers and fighters. We have drinkers and drug takers and trippers and drongos.  We’ve even got posh knobs, but they don’t completely ruin the place.


We’ve got good folk, but Glasgow has got to be more of a destination. It has to be a place people come to let loose and make some madness.  There are obstacles, I hat picking people up from Glasgow airport, for instance, because of the completely inordinately expensive parking charges they operate there. I’d rather pick someone up from  Edinburgh to be honest, at least they have Edinburgh airport parking comparison installed there so you can actually afford to leave your car alone for 5 minutes.


Nailed it.

I would happily bus people in from the airport myself if it meant pilling Glasgow with interesting people, so come on! Come in! Interesting people lets go! Get to Glasgow and get involved!

I really hope you do, we’ve got something here for everyone. It’s time you enjoyed it too.