5 Changes To The Box That You Should Be Aware Of

You heard it here first, in a popular music scene ravaged by auto-tune, EMD and rappers like Desiigner and Chance the Rapper – there’s no space for rock’n’roll any more.

The Box used to be a place for drinking, for political discussion and debate, for rock’n’roll and sweat.

It can no longer survive as such an enterprise. We’ve seen a shift in cultural trends, attitudes, ideas and beliefs – we know that we either have to move with the times drift forever lost, or until we can’t afford the rent anymore.

Change-is-comingThe old saying goes that ‘you have to spend money, to make money’. I know business strategy is the last thing the readers of this blog would expect, but we feel that in this case it’s a relevant topic of conversation considering the amount of radical changes that we are about to make to your beloved venue.

Things That Will Be Changing

All Staff Will Be Retrained

For a long time, we have relied on the trusty reliability of Rod and his wife to serve the bar at the Box. However, after nearly two decades of service, it has become apparent that Rod’s business strategies might have become a little outdated. We are not looking to replace or lose any current staff members though, we understand that our staff are part of the reason why our customers love the Box so much.

We are electing, instead, to  radically retrain our entire staff. Everyone from the glass collectors to Rod himself will get a crash course in the basics of Customer Service and Stock Management, to ensure that we do not run in to the same problems that we have had in the past.

The Bar Will Be Refurbished 

With the the decor remaining largely the same for the past 30 years, we’ve decided that it’s time for a change of scenery! The Box has been a very dark space, for much of it’s time open, and we’re looking to change that. By installing large, floor-to-ceiling mirrors as well as brand new furniture – we’re hoping to update our look to something a little more modern and spacious. Obviously, The Box will retain it’s signature charm, everything will just feel a little…cleaner.

keep calm
With brand new leather upholstery, hardened yet stylish glassware and freshly laid tile-floors – we are hoping to attract new customers, on top of our loyal clientele, to breathe new life back into the old place.

Heritage Graffiti Will Be Immortalised And Covered 

So many wonderful memories and moments have been shared on the walls of our hallowed drinking hole, however the quantity of individual graffiti marks have increased and the quality of the artwork has significantly decreased. We would not be so bold as to simply deny the importance of the names and dates scrawled on our walls, so we’ve hired professional photographers to capture all of them, before they’re painted over with anti-graffiti spray paint.

Graphic artists will then take these photos, isolate and scan the most iconic pieces of art and reproduce the results in the eye-catching form of our new Food Menu!

No More Regular Live Rock Music 

Although Punk and Rock’n’Roll music have been our bread and butter for the entirety of our time open, there has come a time to face facts. People don’t want to watch live music anymore. They would rather download their music illegally or pay a multi-national corporation £120 a year to ‘stream’ it. The last thing they would want to do is pay a fiver to get into a dingy hole in Glasgow, to watch a tribute act comprised of old men, playing music from a band that all died 15 years ago.

Jacob Pearson
Rock is dead, the only live music that punters can bear listening to now is acoustic covers of classic pop songs and current chart hits. In Glasgow alone there are over 300 performers currently rehearsing and practicing this sub-genre of music, they’re all desperate to play gigs for free and they will always bring at least 15 supporters along.

Men’s Dress Code: Shoes, Black Trousers, Shirt

This last point has been left until last as we know how divisive it will be. We’ve decided to introduce a dress code for The Box, for the first time ever. It may be seen as an outdated form of elitism, but we’ve decided that it’s what the venue needs to raise the standard of the clientele and their behaviour. For decades we have been open and for decades we have struggled with drug-use and the violence that follows it.

well dressed
With our male clientele dressed smartly, and our staff also following suit, we are hoping to foster a new sense of pride in our appearance and behaviour, which should make The Box a more enticing venue for old and new customers a like.